CEU Group Petition
The CEU Group Petition allows organizations to petition for agency-sponsored sessions to be approved for continuing education units. Upon approval, host group must advertise that CEUs are approved by the Illinois Park & Recreation Association and will be delivered directly to registered attendees by IPRA.

Disclaimer: IPRA reserves the right to accept or reject any application at its own discretion. IPRA's CEU policy and the IACET Standards do not permit commercial or promotional material of any kind to be included in any educational opportunity.

Fees: $5.00 for each registered attendee requesting CEUs. For example, if your event has 50 registered attendees and 25 request CEUs, the group's fee is $125 ($5/person x 25/attendees = $125).

Timeline for Approval: Once the petition is completed, IPRA will review within 7-10 business days and contact the applicant with a status of the petition. Upon approval, group will advertise event as CEU-approved by the Illinois Park & Recreation Association. After the event, group must provide a list of registered attendees requesting CEUs. IPRA will invoice the group and payment must be made within 30 days or the petition's approval will expire. When payment is received, IPRA will email CEU forms directly to attendees.

Questions: Contact IPRA Education Director Duane Smith at duane@ilipra.org.

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